Homemade ice cream without an ice-cream maker!

25 July 2016

You don’t need an arsenal of electrical appliances to make homemade ice cream; a handful of stirrers and a freezer will do. Here are some simple recipes to make mouthwatering ice cream for all the family that you can jazz up with a range of flavours and toppings, including fresh fruit, balsamic glazes, raisins and hazelnuts.

Express whipped-cream ice cream

There’s no simpler or more versatile place to start than whipped-cream ice cream. You’ll need 500 ml of whipping cream and 250 ml of condensed milk. Start by whipping the cream until it’s stiff. Pour the condensed milk into a bowl and very slowly add to the cream. Stir well to make sure the mixture binds together. Pour into a mould, smooth off the surface, cover with film and pop it into the freezer. After 60 minutes, stir the mixture and put back in the freezer.
It’ll be ready in a few hours. It’s delicious on its own, but if you want you can serve it with strawberries, raisins or raspberry or mango balsamic glaze.

Banana and chocolate curl ice cream

This time you make the ice cream just before serving. If you freeze it, it’ll lose its creamy texture; and if you make it in advance, it’ll melt. This way, you’ll have ice cream ready in five minutes without having to wait for it to freeze. The trick is to have frozen banana slices at the ready. Give them a whiz in the blender and add a little milk if you want a really creamy texture. Grate some chocolate curls on top before serving.

Yogurt and strawberry ice cream

Wash and chop 300 g of strawberries. Add two creamy natural yogurts and honey to taste. Mix it all together, pour into a mould, cover with film and freeze. Stir well every 30 minutes to stop crystals forming and it’ll be ready in about three hours.

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