How is walnut drink made?

10 March 2020

Borges walnut drink is a plant-based wonder that is not only ideal for coeliacs and people who are lactose intolerant but is also a healthy everyday option for anyone and everyone.

How is it made? Very easily… and very naturally, which is why it’s such a healthy drink. The main ingredients are water, walnuts and rice. First, the very best nuts are carefully selected, peeled and left to soak with the rice for several hours. This mixture is then blended in a food processor before being filtered to produce a light, smooth liquid with a similar texture to milk.

Et voilà! All that’s left now is to enjoy all the goodness of walnut drink and its unmistakable taste, either on its own or with other sweet or savoury ingredients, both hot and cold. Take note: one glass of walnut drink contains no fewer than five whole walnuts, the recommended daily amount for a healthy heart.

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