How to organise a street-food festival at home

15 June 2016

Why not try something different for your next dinner party? We’ve all got our star dishes we like to serve up to impress, but it’s worth surprising guests every now and again. In a recent post we looked at how to throw a Mexican dinner party at home and today we’ll show you how to organise your own street-food festival. Simply get some disposable party tableware and jot down the following ideas. You can’t go wrong!

An eastern touch

King prawns and soya noodles? Follow the instructions for soaking the rice noodles on the packet. Stir-fry a little garlic and chopped chilli or cayenne pepper in a wok. Add the peeled king prawns and, 3 minutes later, the noodles. Stir well and finish off with some fresh coriander, chopped peanuts and a spoonful of soya vinegar. Give it a toss and you’re good to go!

DIY hotdog

If you’re having an open-air party, fire up a hot plate for your guests to make (or order) their own hotdogs with their favourite toppings. All you need are frankfurters, buns, fried onion, grated mozzarella and different sauces. Simple yet irresistible.

Cones of all colours

Onion rings, calamari rings, chips, aubergine sticks, chicken fingers, crudités… all simple recipes you can serve in cones for guests to help themselves and dip in the selection of sauces you’ve set out: honey and mustard, vinaigrettes, barbecue sauce, lime mayonnaise, balsamic glazes or any of the other mayonnaises we suggest in this post.

México lindo

You can’t throw a street-food party without some decent tacos. You can go for a traditional mouthwatering cochinita pibil or make your own vegetarian version for those who don’t eat meat or prefer a lighter version, e.g. with cream cheese and roast vegetables with a dash of mustard vinaigrette.

For dessert, ¡churros con chocolate!

Flour, water, olive oil, a pinch of salt and sugar: that’s all you need to make these tasty fritters with a dusting of sugar, which have proved a hit worldwide, from London to China. They couldn’t be easier to make, but don’t overdo it: they’re best served in small batches with bowls of thick hot chocolate for dipping.

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