Jazz up your sandwiches: ideas for giving them a fresh twist

15 May 2018

Does the idea of eating a sandwich fill you with dread? That’s because you’re thinking of a boring old sandwich with greasy ham and hard cheese.

But why not let your imagination run wild? There are ways of jazzing up the most boring sandwich to turn it into a delicious delicacy.

– Bring mortadella back to life with some pistachios. Everything tastes better with a handful of pistachios. Just see what miracles they work on your mortadella and cheese sandwich! Simply crush some unsalted pistachios with a little extra-virgin olive. Other options? Instead of pistachios add a little pesto alla genovesefor some fresh Mediterranean flair.

– Courgette sandwich? Yes, you heard right. Try marinating some courgettes in extra-virgin olive oil, garlic and lemon and mixing them with tuna or salmon. Yummy!

– With meatballs. Yes, meatballs. They were Joey Tribbiani’s favourite in Friendsway back in the 1990s and you can’t beat a classic. The series captured the happy nineties vibe perfectly and who could ever forget that whopping meatball sandwich dripping with marinara sauce?

– A classic calamari sandwich. We recommend trying it with black garlic mayonnaise and extra-virgin olive oil.

– Mint and chicken. Even the most boring chicken sandwich in the world can be spruced up with a few smart moves. Try adding some fresh or dried mint leaves, depending on how strong a flavour you want. If you can handle it, finish it off with some pesto rosso.

– Fresh cheese and pear. For a great afternoon treat, throw some pears, honey and fresh cheese into a ciabatta roll. If you’re really feeling fancy, some raisins or walnuts are the perfect finish for your work of art.

– Sundried tomatoes instead of fresh ones. The strong flavour of sundried tomatoes is the perfect match for cheese. Pop the sandwich under the grill for a couple of minutes, add some pesto alla genoveseand you’re good to go!

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