Fancy a Mediterranean appetiser? Try the latest snacks from Borges

26 February 2019

The latest Borges olives are an amazingly healthy snack: appetising and nutritional, they are winning fans far and wide. Three flavours, three styles but one thing in common: they all capture the Mediterranean essence to a T. The new Mediterranean Snacking range is perfect for any occasion—ideal snacks to share with friends. A tasty appetiser before meals that captures unforgettable moments of Mediterranean peace and harmony.

Garlic Mix contains olives marinated in garlic and herbs de Provence, dressed with extra-virgin olive oil; Gourmet Charm features a combination of olives marinated in red pepper and carrots, a swirling palette of colours and flavours to thrill your eyes as well as your taste buds; and Italian Style is bursting with olives, mushrooms, red pepper and sundried tomatoes guaranteed to whisk you off to la bell’Italia at a stroke.

Why is the new Mediterranean Snacking range such a hit? Well, not only does it capture the pure Mediterranean flavour and spirit, it’s also highly nutritional and healthy. As well as an excellent source of unsaturated fatty acids (great for your heart), minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Healthy and tasty with a classic Mediterranean twist!

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