Nuts to boost your libido

28 November 2017

Libido, it comes and goes at will and flourishes more at certain times of life than others. All quite normal. Many studies have shown that an improved diet can have positive effects on our sex drive, which can sometimes be dampened by stress, worries or too much work or responsibilities.

Nuts, for example, are packed with properties to stoke your fire, although it’s important to remember that tweaking your diet should form part of a comprehensive “Libido-Up” pack: creating intimate moments with your partner (or whoever else you plan to get it on with), get your juices flowing with racy messages throughout the day (there’s nothing that sparks hot sex like thinking about it), sexy underwear, creating the right atmosphere, toys, massages, films… These are all steps to creating a more sexual atmosphere and rekindling a spark that can all too easily go out with a long-term partner.

And, on top of this, nuts should be a staple food in your daily diet. Try eating a handful mid-morning, tossing them in salads, mixing them with vegetables, adding them to cakes… They are rich in Vitamin B1, which helps stimulate signals between the brain and genitals. In the case of men, a dose of walnuts means better-shaped, higher-quality sperm. And thanks to their omega-6 fatty acids, they are also recommended for men with prostrate problems. Obviously, you’re best avoiding heavy meals and fried food in favour of light dishes using raw ingredients. Trying eating plenty of salads with nuts and you’ll soon see the results between the sheets.

Vitamin E (the “sex vitamin”) is also key for our sex drive. This powerful antioxidant helps combat early ageing of the skin and can be found in hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, peanuts and pistachios.

Not forgetting zinc, a vital element when it comes to libido and sexual performance. It boosts the production of testosterone and is essential for good, strong erections, an issue all too many men suffer with in silence. Pine nuts, sunflower seeds, peanuts and almonds are all rich in zinc. The same is true of magnesium, which helps synthesise testosterone and oestrogens and can be found in walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts and pumpkin seeds, among others. A good dose of magnesium is key to a healthy sex life.

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