How many nuts does it take to make our plant-based drinks?

10 March 2020

Don’t be fooled into thinking that all nut drinks are the same. Some barely contain any nuts at all and are mostly additives, including added sugars.

Luckily, Borges Natura walnut, almond and hazelnut drinks are packed with nuts, which are great for your heart. Our walnut drink contains 6% California walnuts and 14% rice; almond drink contains 4% almonds and 14% rice; and our hazelnut drink contains 3% toasted hazelnuts and 14% rice.

What do all these figures mean? Well, one glass of one of our plant-based drinks, which go perfectly with coffee, chocolate, smoothies and soups, contains a bunch of nuts: 5 walnuts, 8 almonds or 8 hazelnuts. They’re a real joy for our bodies, hearts and taste buds: a boost of valuable proteins with an unbeatable taste and texture!

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