Extra virgin olive oil, the best accompaniment for children

29 January 2018

It’s a bit hard to get your children to eat well, isn’t it? Aren’t the battles before every lunch and dinner exhausting? Do you try to impose your criteria because you’re out of patience and let out a “because I said so!”? It seems incredible that this happens to you. Were you never a child? Of course it’s hard to change certain unhealthy food preferences. If what they’re inclined towards are sweets, pizzas with a lot of cheese and a lot of ham (it seems like the lower quality it is the more they like it), French fries with ketchup (if it’s industrially made they enjoy it more)…

But we have the solution: extra virgin olive oil. And make them happy.

And relish their enjoyment when, without a single reproach and with a smile from ear to ear, they sink their teeth into good bread toast drizzled with oil and a pinch of salt (it’s best if it’s Maldon) instead of a slice of white bread smeared with butter. It’s possible that they won’t even ask you for ham or cheese to go with it. Also, you can add it when making purée and baby food! Try it. Things will change from here.

When they ask you for French fries, tell them yes, but this time grab the good oil: the extra virgin olive oil. The same goes for croquettes. There is no better “investment” than this: tastier, healthier… and everyone is happier.

A sandwich? Coming right up. What kind do you want, my darling? Cheese? Have a drizzle of oil. Bologna? Here’s the bread soaked in oil! Ah, you wanted ham! Even more ideal with oil. Long live umami!!

And we come to the vegetables and salads. The horror, a nightmare! Although at this point you have already explained that the olives that they enjoy so much produce the oil they love when you put it on toast, sandwiches, French fries, croquettes… Also tell them that if you add it to boiled vegetables (note: preferably fresh ones) or lettuce with tomato, the taste will change almost by magic. To convince them, encourage them to dip in the bread before or after cleaning their plates; they are sure to like it (better if they do it later; they will not fill up their stomachs and have an excuse not to eat any more).

And above all, never ever stop smiling. Let them know that happiness is in extra virgin olive oil.

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