Olive oil: From olive tree to dining table

2 November 2017

We know that olive oil is great for our heart, our life wouldn’t be the same without it, our salads wouldn’t be half as fun without it, it gives us energy and it has an utterly unique flavour. But we don’t know much about the process that olives go through from tree to dining table to bring us that unmistakable taste that lies at the heart of the Mediterranean diet.


1. Olives are harvested in November and December, although the exact date varies depending on local weather conditions.

2. Extra-virgin olive oil is made from pristine olives with no blemishes.

3. Branches and other unnecessary bits are removed and the olives are washed.

4. The first pressing simply presses the olive and extracts the oil. It barely needs saying that the better the olives, the tastier the oil.

5. Once the oil has been extracted, it is filtered before being bottled, in order to remove particles of water and organic matter.

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