Get the pantry ready for Easter

9 April 2019

Some ingredients are essential throughout the year, but during Easter even more.

Extra virgin olive oil

In sauces, in vinaigrettes, on bread… This miraculous liquid will brighten up any dish and is essential in numerous Easter recipes, from roasted lamb to glazed ham or side dishes with potatoes or seasonal vegetables creams (try wild asparagus, just wonderful!).


This festivity is perfect to take advantage of the first flashes of summer, go out and give it all. If you are one of those who eat the world and pretend to be away from home from morning until night, always have a handful of nuts close at hand. They will give you energy at any time!


No time to prepare a massive Easter meal? Take your Mediterranean or Modena vinaigrette and improvise a homemade salad in seconds. You can make it with pasta and add tomatoes, fresh cheese, nuts, a touch of vinaigrette… and done!

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