The perfect appetizers before lunch

8 June 2020

Although more and more people are now drinking vermouth throughout the day, it is traditionally a weekend lunchtime aperitif, when we have plenty of time both before and after lunch.

Vermouth goes well with a range of tasty appetizers, such as canned delicacies, olives and snacks, but why not give your imagination free rein and try something new? That way, you’ll be able to serve a different, original appetizer every Sunday.

To accompany canned mussels or anchovies (or, on a larger scale, croquets or calamari), nuts make the perfect Sunday appetizer. How about some tasty, crunchy corn nuts? Or a handful of walnuts or almonds?

For a really mouthwatering treat, it’s hard to beat a bowl of mixed, salted nuts made with extra-virgin olive oil. You can’t get any healthier or tastier!

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