Ideas and recipes for the whole family

20 December 2016

A rainy afternoon, a fun teatime snack, a Sunday with a difference… Make the most of these precious times to get the family into their aprons to share some unforgettable moments. Not only will time fly by but the kids will also learn something while having fun.

As we already showed in this recipe for pumpkin, turkey and cheese quesadillas, you can put a different child in charge of each ingredient to keep them occupied and out of mischief in the kitchen.

Once all the children have washed their hands, put on their aprons and tied back their hair, give them free rein to experiment with their hands and discover new textures, making as much mess and getting as dirty as they like. Let them grind up toasted maize in this recipe for lettuce and salmon makis or they can sieve the sugar for this microwave yogurt sponge cake.

Here are some more recipes for the whole family, some of which you can make in the microwave, such as a lovely sole or a tasty cheesecake. In fact, there are hundreds of recipes you can make in the microwave, including these desserts: cake pops, mug cakes, mousses, custards, milkshakes and smoothies.

Because there’s nothing kids like better in the kitchen than making desserts and other sweets. Let them and their imagination run wild! If they learn how to cook themselves at a young age, they’re more likely to turn their noses up at unhealthy mass-produced pastries later in life. How about some panellets, ginger biscuits or a delicious lemon and strawberry cake?

And since fish might be one of their least favourite dishes, let’s finish off today with a couple of fun recipes to get them used to fish and to teach them some new ways of preparing it, such as these salt-cod fritters or these original sole, walnut and pesto rolls.

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