Four great recipes on toast for the perfect brunch

23 September 2019

Brunch brings together the best of breakfast and lunch. After all, that’s where its name comes from: brunch = breakfast + lunch. The perfect brunch is a tasty mixture of sweet and savoury food, while not overdoing the baked goods, simple sugars or fatty foods such as sausages and bacon.

How to rustle up a healthy brunch in a flash? Here are four great recipes on toast that you can wash down with a fresh fruit juice (and perhaps a little sweet guilty pleasure on the side!).

Avocado, blue cheese and sesame and chia seeds. Don’t forget to drizzle with extra-virgin olive oil. Serve with some crusty wholemeal bread and you’ll be in heaven.

Camembert cheese and smoked salmon. Drizzle with extra-virgin olive oil and add some fresh rocket leaves for an irresistible final touch.

Whole asparagus omelette. Blanch the asparagus before making the omelette, cooked with olive oil and a pinch of salt. Top off with sliced tomato.

Hummus and seasonal vegetables. Aubergine, courgette, carrot, leeks and mushrooms work wonders with hummus spread onto a slice of toasted wholemeal bread. You can’t get much healthier!

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