Sandwiches for children’s parties

28 July 2015

Who ever said that a children’s party could not be full of natural, healthy options? Sandwiches are great allies for these events because they are easy for kids to pick up and eat. And they can be as healthy as we want.

You should go for fresh, natural, low-fat fillings. Steer clear of sauces and fatty cheeses. If you can, bake your own bread at home or buy it from one of the many craft bakeries with their own oven that offer sliced bread. You will cut down on unwanted sugars and fats.

Tropical mixed sandwich!

A touch of fruit turns a classic sandwich into a fun, natural snack. Add a thin slice of pineapple between some slices of low-fat ham or turkey and low-fat cheese. It’s lovely and refreshing too!

Cream cheese and walnut sandwich

Crush a handful of walnuts and mix together with a tub of low-fat cream cheese. You can then use this paste to play with different shapes. For example, you can make a sandwich roll or cut out circles using a glass as a mould.

Popeye sandwich

Mix the contents of several well-strained tins of tuna in olive oil with a little low-fat mayonnaise and a few drops of lemon. Spread on some slices of bread and add some fresh spinach leaves. It’s a great source of protein! Use a dense kind of bread or fill pita bread halves so that the paste doesn’t make the bread soggy if it isn’t going to be eaten right away.

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