Ten original takes on traditional mayonnaise

8 February 2016

Mayonnaise is a popular and delicious sauce made out of four ingredients—olive oil, eggs, salt and lemon—carefully and lovingly combined.

Far more versatile than it might appear, this sauce has lots of different uses: cold, warm, smooth or lumpy and as a crust for baked dishes, among many others. And the options are endless if we give our imagination and our blender free rein. Any ideas?

Honey mayonnaise.

Mix about one spoonful of honey for every five spoonfuls of mayonnaise and serve alongside smoked-salmon canapés, white meat or grilled vegetables, such as aubergine and courgette.

Pear and hazelnut mayonnaise.

For every 100 ml of olive oil, add one egg, one large, ripe pear and ten hazelnuts. Ideal for pasta salads.

Thyme mayonnaise.

Or any other herb you’ve got to hand. Simply add to the mayonnaise and stir well to add a fresh touch. It doesn’t come any quicker or easier than this.

Pepper mayonnaise.

Grill a red pepper. Peel off the skin, remove the seeds and crush finely. Add a little to the mayonnaise and blend to get a smooth mixture. Add more pepper to get the desired consistency.

Cherry mayonnaise.

What a surprise! For every 200 ml of olive oil, add one egg, salt and about six cherries with their peel. Crush finely. It’s great as a crust for roast meat.

Mustard and dill mayonnaise.

Add your favourite mustard and finely chopped dill to the mayonnaise. Perfect for salmon dishes.

Almond mayonnaise.

Almonds regularly replace eggs in sauces like mayonnaise. Use in the following proportions: half a glass of almonds for half a glass of water, 200 ml of olive oil, salt to taste and the juice of half a lemon.

Ginger mayonnaise.

Peel a ginger root and grate the amount you need (about one teaspoonful for every 100 ml of mayonnaise). Crush well to make a smooth mixture and put to one side for it to absorb all the flavour. Fantastic with tuna and avocado.

Basil and lime mayonnaise.

Simply add four fresh basil leaves and the juice of half a lime to the mayonnaise. Delicious with fish and other seafood.

Yogurt mayonnaise.

One natural yogurt, two soupspoonfuls of mayonnaise, the juice of half a lemon, black pepper, cumin and fresh parsley. You can also add a soupspoonful of olive oil if you’d like a smoother texture for salads, for example.

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