Five tips to make a truly terrifying Halloween pumpkin

23 October 2017

Move over, All Saints’ Day, and make way for Halloween. Even though it doesn’t have a long tradition in Spain, Halloween is much more fun! Who wouldn’t want to carve out terrifying pumpkins, dress up in scary costumes and eat as many sweets as they like? Especially when you’ve seen it all played out time and time again on American films and TV series. If you’re in   mood, here are some hints for carving out a pumpkin to give your neighbours a good fright:

GIVE IT A FACE. Let’s start with the basics: give it a scary face, which isn’t that complicated. All you need are some sharp knives to cut out the features and remove the flesh. First of all, draw the facial features you want on the pumpkin with a marker pen (we recommend giving it a menacing jagged smile). Next, cut out the shape you have drawn in chunks. Cut off the top of the pumpkin and empty it out (you can use the flesh later to make a delicious pumpkin cake or soup ). Et voilà!

CANDLES. Take care with candles, as you are literally playing with fire. Put two small candles inside the emptied-out pumpkin at eye level. When you light them at night, you’ll give any trick-or-treaters a good fright.

DISMEMBERED LIMBS. Are you dying to give your mother-in-law the fright of her life in the hope that she’ll stop popping around whenever she fancies (poor thing, it’s always have to be the mother-in-law). Hide a pumpkin with a fake leg made out of a piece of old trousers and a trainer poking out of its mouth. Argh! If your mother-in-law doesn’t get the hint, at least you’ll have had a laugh seeing her hair stand on end.

REVOLTING MAGGOTS. OK, so it’s a dirty trick, but it works every time. How about filling your Halloween pumpkin with cooked spaghetti and maggot-shaped wine gums. Yuck!

BLOOD, BLOOD AND MORE BLOOD. Drench your pumpkin in red berry coulis or tomato ketchup to create the aftermath of a massacre. Halloween isn’t Halloween without plenty of gore!

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