A terrifying meal: Pumpkin soup and pumpking pie

23 October 2017

At Halloween don’t let anything go to waste. Something good can come out of even the darkest night. If you’ve let your imagination run wild and created a scary Halloween pumpkin , you might well be wondering what to do with all the pumpkin flesh you emptied out. Well, simply put on your apron and make these two typical autumn dishes.

A delicious pumpkin pie

There are several different options. You can make a regular sponge cake, much like a carrot cake, and give it a scary twist by icing it with some terrifying creatures (plenty of witches, zombies, spiders, ghosts, etc.) or make smaller (and more practical and hygienic) cupcakes, which also have the benefit of avoiding a drama when a gang of kids in fancy dress are around (who can sometimes be scarier than the Blair Witch).

Another option is to make a pumpkin tart with short-crust pastry filled with a gelatinous pumpkin filling. The key thing here is to pull out all the stops when it comes to SCARY DECORATIONS! We’re talking plenty of bloodthirsty special effects with red berry syrup running all over your hair-raising creations. For once, we’re not aiming for a perfect finish, so enjoy yourself: tonight is thriller night!

Pumpkin soup, of course

This is another Halloween party classic. Silky smooth and richly flavoured pumpkin soup is also quick and easy to make. Don’t forget to add some fake fingers or eyes (best not to go for the real thing). Let’s hope the soup server manages to hold their nerve .

Armed with these two recipes, you’ll become a (kitchen) serial killer and laugh in the face of Hannibal Lecter himself.

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