Three perfect breakfasts for adding walnut drink to your diet

18 April 2017

If we started to list all the health benefits of walnuts, we’d be here all day. They’re good for your heart, are packed with iron and proteins, are great allies for combatting cholesterol, contain omega-3 and omega-6 (two key fatty acids the body needs to get from food, since it can’t make them itself) and help the nervous and immune system keep ticking over.

Experts recommend eating a handful of walnuts a day, which we don’t always find time for. Walnut drink is a great way of adding walnuts into your diet and making the most of all their health benefits while enjoying a highly versatile, nutritious drink. How about starting the day with an energy boost from walnuts first thing in the morning? Here are some ideas.


All the rage for breakfast now, porridge is a classic oatmeal-based dish eaten in many countries that has taken the hipster world by storm (in London there’s even a porridge restaurant!).

There are few breakfasts as healthy as porridge, which combines oatmeal with a dash of honey and a handful of berries soaked in walnut drink and heated in a saucepan or microwaved for a few minutes. The result is a delicious breakfast packed with all the nutrients to start the day full of energy.


One great way of adding some fruit to your breakfast is a smoothie, together with a round of toast with extra-virgin olive oil and salt. Pick and mix your favourite fruit (strawberries are now in season, maybe with some banana), blend them with some walnut drink and, if you’ve got a sweet tooth, add a spoonful of honey or sugar. It’s a fun, healthy breakfast you can switch around with different fruit every day. It also makes a delicious afternoon snack or even a light, tasty supper.


This is a breakfast for when you’ve got a bit more time and aren’t rushing out the door. Homemade pancakes with walnut drink are easy but time-consuming to make. Mix 125 g of flour, 250 ml of walnut drink, 2 large eggs, a pinch of salt and a little butter. Whisk all the ingredients together and cook in a frying pan with a little butter.

You can eat them on the own, with sugar or, if you’re feeling creative, with vegetables, cold cuts, mushrooms, eggs, melted cheese, nuts… They are perfect for creating a brunch with all the benefits of a healthy walnut drink, as well as being irresistible tasty!

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