The top ingredient in your kitchen: extra virgin olive oil

15 October 2019

Yes! Extra-virgin olive oil is the No. 1 ingredient because you can use it for all these things (and many more besides):

* Drizzle it over salads as a basic dressing. Or as the basis for more adventurous vinaigrettes: with balsamic vinegar, honey, lemon juice, grated nuts and your favourite herbs.

* Mix it with salt and spices and add to steamed vegetables (al dente, please: don’t boil your vegetables to death!).

* In desserts: you can almost always replace butter with olive oil. Try it and taste the difference!

* Drizzle it over different kinds of bread: with walnuts, seeds, etc. Add a slice of tomato and avocado and you’ll be in heaven.

* Make a Béchamel sauce with it. Have you tried making it with a plant-based drink as well?

* Use it to fry with. Extra-virgin olive oil gives a lovely taste and texture to all your fried food. Unbeatable!

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