What do you know about calories?

31 March 2020

There’s no denying that extra-virgin olive oil contains a fair few calories: about 900 calories per 100 g. But not all these calories are the ones we need to avoid.

Nutritionists are increasingly focusing more on food’s nutritional quality than the number of calories. It’s important to remember that there are lots of factors at play when it comes to deciding which foods are good for us, above and beyond their calorie count, which nevertheless remains something to keep a close eye on.

It’s true that the unsaturated fatty acids found in olive oil are high in calories, but they’re also very filling, which helps see us through to the next meal. And these are the kinds of fats we ought to include in our diet. We can’t reduce the number of calories in olive oil, but we can make sure we use it in moderation to ensure we make the most of all its goodness without putting on weight.

Try to avoid frying food, which soaks up a lot of oil, and opt for dressings made with raw olive oil. One last key point: cut out all other fats, which have just as many calories but are far less healthy, and make olive oil your go-to fat. Say goodbye to mass-produced snacks and baked goods and other highly processed food. And then you can stop counting the calories!

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