Which nut drink should I choose?

1 July 2019

So, it’s teatime but you’re not sure what to drink… You fancy something healthy and delicious, but you find cow’s milk makes you feel bloated and drowsy. Don’t worry! Borges is here to the rescue with its plant-based drinks, ideal for breakfast, teatime or even for dessert.

1 – Almond drink. Ideal for coeliacs, since it’s gluten and lactose free and contains no added sugars. Its calcium and healthy fats make it a great alternative to milk.

2 – Hazelnut drink. Who doesn’t like hazelnuts? What’s more, they’re packed with antioxidants and help keep cholesterol levels under control, as well as being ideal for pregnant women and anyone keen on sport. What better on a hot day than a nice cold glass of hazelnut drink?

3 – Walnut drink. Walnuts have long been known to be good for your health. They help prevent heart disease and combat cholesterol, which is why experts recommend eating five walnuts a day. But let’s be honest: who actually keeps count of how many walnuts they’ve eaten in a day? The ideal solution is walnut drink: every glass contains the recommended five walnuts a day. Not to mention being utterly delicious…

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