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Cold tomato soup

15 min


15 persons




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Borges - Cold tomato soup - sopa de tomate fria


  • 1 kg (35 oz) ripe tomatoes
  • 500 ml (17 US fl oz) water
  • 100 g (3.5 oz) breadcrumbs
  • 100 ml (3 US fl oz) Borges olive oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • For the mint oil:
  • A bunch of mint
  • Borges Extra Virgin Olive oil

Step by step

  1. Step 1

    To make the mint oil, blanch the mint, then plunge into ice water, dry and crush with the olive oil.
    Cut up the tomatoes and put into a bowl with the breadcrumbs (it’s best to do this the day before, so that the bread softens and soaks up all the flavour). Blend to make a thin paste and then add salt, pepper and olive oil. Strain through a chinois to remove any skin and seeds. Chill well.
    Add a little mint oil before serving.

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