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Knowledge and understanding of diabetes

4 February 2014

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease that is characterized by an increase in levels of sugar in the blood. The main symptoms of diabetes are excessive emission of urine, abnormal increase in the need of eating, increased thirst, and weight loss for no apparent reason.

The feeding of the diabetic should be balanced and varied as the rest of the population, although it is necessary to control the volume of food that contain carbohydrates (pasta, rice, legumes, bread, toast, potatoes, grit, cereals, fruit, vegetables, dairy). Should be avoided common sugar, soft drinks as well as pastries and ice cream. In appointed feasts should be seek advice to the dietitian about the intake of traditional sweets just to avoid a deterioration of diabetes control.

Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame or saccharin sweeten foods and beverages without altering the blood-sugar level. If you are in the habit, wine, brut cava or beer can be consumed moderately during meals. In contrast fruit liqueurs and vermouth should be avoided because its high sugar content. Alcohol consumption between meals can cause low blood sugar, very dangerous for diabetics.

Diet, exercise and medication (pills or insulin) are the three pillars to keep a good blood sugar control and minimize unforeseen difficulties for health. That requires an individualized educational process that suits the work schedule to allow individuals to manage their disease.

A diabetic should know how to handle carbohydrate rations scheduled for every meal, becoming acquainted in the volume that represents these rations in home measures. It is also useful to know how to calculate the carbohydrate portions of a commercial product by reading the nutrition label information and thus know how much can be eat.  The containing of 10 g of carbohydrate has been established as a food ration for a diabetic. All this knowledge leads to the adoption of good habits essential for good control of diabetes to be practical and livable.

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